Local Routes

We are working to revamp our local routes to include more rides and to update from black and white aerial photographs to Strava route and activity links. The old local routes page is available temporarily here.

Short and flat


This is the route you want to take on a day when your legs are screaming and your body is aching and anything more than half hour will kill you. Ideal addition to get your extra half hour in on your base training days when you miscalculated a longer ride.

The Loop

Ideal option for a flat route with no stop lights on a recovery day. The standard route normally starts off by heading up Alpine to Portola and taking Portola to Sand Hill. The reverse direction is popular with the tailwind speedsters dashing along the downward slant of Alpine Rd. The benchmark 15 mile route can be enhanced by further additions like Arastradero; going to the gate at the end of Alpine; adding the “maze” to it in Woodside. The “maze” is short for: taking Tripp on 84E to Kings, R on Kings, L on Manuella, L on Albion and R on Olive Hill to Canada (or the reverse direction). Time: 45 mins to 1 hr +.


Reserved for days when all you want to do is recover as frequent stop lights make any steady effort quite impossible. The turnaround points for 45 mins (Grant), 1 hr (Homestead), 1:15 (if the route parallel to foothill is taken on way back), 1:30 (Stevens Creek Blvd). For those who hate stop lights or want variety, the route that is parallel to Foothill is normally taken by turning right at Homestead/Vineyard. Take right at first intersection (Deodara). Keep following the closest parallel path to Foothill (Granger, Frontero and County Club Dr.) until you hit Magdalena. At this point, you take a left and a right on Summerhill. Summerhill gets you to Elena/El Monte. Take right on El Monte and left on University. Follow University till Burke. Take left on Burke and right on Fremont. Keep following Fremont and cross Arastradero to Hill Crest and finally it gets you back to Foothill opposite VA hospital.


The TT practice area, It is a rolling road from Woodside to 92. Can be embellished by adding the Crystal Springs loop to it (extra 7 miles). It is roughly 30 miles and takes about an hour and a half at decent clip (without the Crystals Springs loop). Runnymede Rd which runs parallel to Canada starting with 280 underpass (before Jefferson) is used for echelon TTT practice because it has virtually no traffic.